Anti Bullying & Anti Harassment Policy

At Smithtown Performing Arts Center, we are dedicated to an open and inclusive creative environment that fosters artistic and personal growth for our students and Performers. By joining any of our classes or production’s, you pledge to uphold our anti-bullying and anti-harassment policies.

You will be required to sign this pledge, you agree to treat your fellow castmates, classmates, directors and staff members with respect and courtesy. You agree to not engage in any behavior intended to make anyone feel left out or uncomfortable for any reason. In service to the production, you will report any and all bullying or defamation to a staff member immediately. You agree that if other students, Performers or directors/staff have found your behavior to be objectionable, and you have not altered or changed your behavior after being spoken to, that you may be asked to leave the production without a refund of your fee.

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