Lovers of Comedy Night

Lovers of Comedy Night!

February 17 at 8pm

A night of laughs to ring in the New Year, right on Main Street in Smithtown, thanks to our partnership with Governor's Comedy Clubs!


Tickets: $40 per person

Aaron Berg - Headliner

Aaron is a regular on FOX NEWS SATURDAY NIGHT with Jimmy Failla.

America’s Best Dirty Comic” – Craig Carton (The Carton and Roberts Show – SNY)
“Aaron Berg is the man!” – Shane Gillis
‘He is Hilarious.” – Tim DIllon
“Absolutely Hilarious.” – Ari Shaffir

Aaron is the comic that simply has to close out shows. When you see him, you’ll know why. He is undeniably hilarious and packs more laughs per minute than any other comedian working today. No two sets are ever the same. Aaron was just cast in Uwe Boll’s new feature film The First Shift, which bolsters his acting resume to well over 50 projects including cult classic feature films like The Boondock Saints 2, Detroit Rock City, The Kitchen opposite Melissa McCarthy
and Saturday Night Live’s The Ladies Man. He played the role of “Cork” opposite Joseph Gordon Levitt, Jeff Daniels and Isla Fisher in the Independent Spirit award winning film The Lookout. He was also a lead in the dark comedy series 24 Hour Rental now airing on Amazon.

Aaron’s world record breaking documentary about stand up comedy in NYC “25 Sets" is now available on Amazon. Aaron’s Comedy Central debut on THIS IS NOT HAPPENING has 2 million views and he has made two appearances on AXS TV’s LIVE AT GOTHAM as well as appearances on GOTHAM VR, BIG JAY OAKERSON’S “WYFD?!?” and Comedy Central’s Roast Battle Season 2 and DC comics’ feature film THE KITCHEN.

Aarons podcast Street Famous NYC is available on YouTube and Patreon where the numbers build daily and the clips are routinely viral. He is also an author and has two books out currently. Mr Manners and American Etiquette. His 6 stand up albums are available on iTunes and Amazon “Aaron Berg Stands Down”, “COMEDY COLTRANE”, "Mr. Manners: Live From Long Island City", “UNSCRIPTED”, American Etiquette live from the New York Comedy Festival and 180 which was just released.

Vinny D'Agostino - Featured

A Long Island based comic who ended up behind the microphone through pure happenstance at the tender age of 37. As a married father of three, he uses his stage time to commiserate about the endless struggle that is trying to survive being a husband and parent in the age of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Vinny brings an honest, intelligent and refreshing take on life as a Gen X’er who feels like we have somehow wandered into a parallel universe where little makes sense anymore. His performance is guaranteed to help keep you grounded.

He is an energetic, well-rounded performer who isn’t afraid to go down the conspiracy rabbit hole from his unique perspective as a lawyer, Former FBI Agent and entrepreneur.

Debbie D'Amore - Guest Spot

Debbie D Amore

Welcome to Debbie’s world of comedy! Debbie D’Amore has always been funny, so it was natural for her to enter the world of stand-up. Her first foray into comedy started with her You Tube show titled Debbie’s Kitchen where she invites viewers to join in on her madcap adventures. Some of these videos include her good-natured husband, Mario, who has been her greatest fan for some 47 years. A particularly funny episode has Debbie and Mario going to a diner. Just the simple act of placing an order is hysterical when it’s Debbie doing the ordering. The pandemic was a horrible time for most, but for Debbie an exciting avenue appeared when she received an email from Governors Comedy Club about the opening of their Comedy College. Debbie, not one to shy away from anything, decided to try it thinking this was as good a time as any to hone an art that has always fascinated her and maybe she could get some good material to bring to Debbie’s Kitchen. She graduated from Comedy College on her birthday, August 19 in 2021, just over a year after the pandemic. To Debbie’s delight, over 100 people showed up to cheer her on at graduation, something they are still talking about at Governors. That opened the doors for stand-up gigs at Governors, McGuires, Smithtown Performing Arts Center, North Shore Towers Cinema and ultimately hosting an evening of comedy at the Mohegan Sun. Taking on challenges did not stop there. She entered and was a finalist two years in a row in Governors Long Island Laugh Off. What’s next for Debbie? Well, should HBO, Netflix or her own talk show come knocking on her door, she would roll out the welcome mat.

Christina Meehan-Berg - MC for the evening

Christine Berg looks and sounds like she sends back the lobster because it’s too cold, but talks like she belongs in the kitchen, rage-spitting on plates. She has been featured as Miss Pillows on Scary Mommy and can be seen on Showtime and Amazon Prime. Her debut album Bumped is on regular rotation on Sirius XM and is a club favorite in New York City.

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