2024 Spring Fling Comedy Night

Spring Fling Comedy Night

Saturday, May 25th, 8pm

A night of laughs, right on Main Street in Smithtown, thanks to our partnership with Governor's Comedy Clubs!


Tickets: $40 per person

Tom Kelly - Headliner

Tom Kelly

Tom Kelly is a stand up comedian best known for his work warming up crowds at Good Morning America, The View, The $100,000 Pyramid, America’s Got Talent and other high profile events and productions.

Tom’s humor combines kindness and self deprecation with a biting wit.

2023 and 2024 have been hit years for Tom on Instagram with reels about his hometown Long Island, New York going viral. Plus on TikTok his stand up and relationship clips have gone viral with one clip about “trap questions” hitting 10 million views.

The twice weekly Tom Kelly Show podcast refuses to be pigeonholed or niche down. Often “real” and always funny, he interviews friends, experts, and celebrities and while offering unsolicited opinions on the world around him from the perspective of a man averting his midlife crisis by embracing his mantra “Get Back To The Fun.” Tom has had several clips break the 2 million view mark on Facebook Reels.

At the end of the day, Tom is happiest telling jokes among the people. Known for taking a producer’s eye to a live audience and his quick wit, Tom creates a unique high energy experience every time he takes the stage.

Felicia Gillespie - Featured

FeliciaA stand-up veteran yet underdog, Felicia Gillespie recently moved to New York City where she was quickly passed as a paid regular at Broadway Comedy Club and Greenwich Village Comedy Club, also making numerous appearances on GaS Digital Network & Compound Media (The Anthony Cumia Network). Engaging, quick, & laid back, she brings a variety of tones from silly to dark, but is always absurd and hilarious. Felicia has had the honor of performing for sold out crowds while opening for Bill Burr, Daniel Tosh, Doug Stanhope, Tom Green, Mike Birbiglia, Todd Barry, Christopher Titus, Dan Cummins, Tracey Ashley, Drew Lynch and more. She has also been a finalist on CMT’s Next Big Comic, as well as the Detroit & Boston Comedy Festivals, and had a stand out performance on Kill Tony.

Debbie D'Amore - Guest Spot

Debbie D Amore

Welcome to Debbie’s world of comedy! Debbie D’Amore has always been funny, so it was natural for her to enter the world of stand-up. Her first foray into comedy started with her You Tube show titled Debbie’s Kitchen where she invites viewers to join in on her madcap adventures. Some of these videos include her good-natured husband, Mario, who has been her greatest fan for some 47 years. A particularly funny episode has Debbie and Mario going to a diner. Just the simple act of placing an order is hysterical when it’s Debbie doing the ordering. The pandemic was a horrible time for most, but for Debbie an exciting avenue appeared when she received an email from Governors Comedy Club about the opening of their Comedy College. Debbie, not one to shy away from anything, decided to try it thinking this was as good a time as any to hone an art that has always fascinated her and maybe she could get some good material to bring to Debbie’s Kitchen. She graduated from Comedy College on her birthday, August 19 in 2021, just over a year after the pandemic. To Debbie’s delight, over 100 people showed up to cheer her on at graduation, something they are still talking about at Governors. That opened the doors for stand-up gigs at Governors, McGuires, Smithtown Performing Arts Center, North Shore Towers Cinema and ultimately hosting an evening of comedy at the Mohegan Sun. Taking on challenges did not stop there. She entered and was a finalist two years in a row in Governors Long Island Laugh Off. What’s next for Debbie? Well, should HBO, Netflix or her own talk show come knocking on her door, she would roll out the welcome mat.

Mickey Farrow - MC for the evening

Mickey FarrowMickey Farrow is a standup comedian and a native New Yorker. He has opened for comedians like Godfrey, Jeff Arcuri, Erica Rhodes, and a variety of other national headliners. His work has been featured on iHeartRadio and Amazon Prime. He recently sold and developed a TV show with Amazon Prime.

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